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 Vexillum Patriae,

Kunsttorentje Almelo,

the Netherlands

2018 October 13





























Opening January 18, 15.00 hours


link to: Flyer of the Exhibition

Five artist, born and raised in five very different cultures, will comment on the role their identity and past plays in their work as 21st century artists.

The artists grew up in India, Moldova, Iraq, Israel, New Guinea and London respectively. Their migration constituted a defining moment in their lives.

The question they will answer in this exhibition is whether their being part of and in between two cultures influences their work and if so, how it related to today’s visual language. Do they make explicit use of their past? Do they seek to eliminate it’s influence or might they use it subconsciously?

 The different positions the artists express in their works will compete with as well as broaden each other and a dialogue will be created. The tension between the different points of view makes this exposition particularly interesting. It will be more than just works of art hanging side by side.

Below are the links to the websites of the participating artists.

Joseph Semah                                http://www.josephsemah.nl/

Ilya Rabinovich                               http://www.ilyarabinovich.com/pages/000001.html

Tanya Ury                                      http://www.tanyaury.com

Monali Meher                                  http://www.monalimeher.com/

René de Rooze                               http://renederooze.com/


Red Triangle, Community Art Project with Arts4City, St Petersburg, Russia , 2017