Resume,  René de Rooze, Visual Artist 

Exhibitions and Installations:

2022  "110 x kunst in de Akerk", Akerk, Groningen, NL.
2021  "17th International Painting Symposium" Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia 
2020  "5 Groninger Artists", BAB Gallery, Thesinge
2018  "Vexillum Patriae", Kunsttorentje, Almelo
2018  Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus. 4th Marc Chagall Seminar. 
2017  Community Art Project with ART4City and Pushkinskaya10, St Petersburg, Russia
2016  "Galaxis Coincidentia" at Bloemrijk Vertrouwen, Aldstjerk
2016  "Galaxis Coincidentia", at Kunstingang, Ten Kate, Ter Apelkanaal
2016  "Свобода, ведущая народ", Portiersloge , Groningen
2016  "Investigation" at SMAHK, Assen
2015   "Der Fremde in Mir II, SKPN, Groningen
2015   "Der Fremde in Mir", SMAHK, Assen
2014   "NUR NUR II", Kunsttorentje, Almelo
2013   "Galaxis Coincidentia", Hilton Hotel Gallery, Malmo, Sweden
2012   "Galaxis Coincidentia", Hilton Hotel Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark                     
2012   "00", Galerie T.A.S, Groningen                                                                           
2012   "Galaxis Coincidentia",Portiersloge,Groningen                                                     
2011   "Nur Nur", Kunstprojecten Noorderstation, Groningen
2010   “Sehnsuchtsorte II”, Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum, Emden, Germany
2010    “Nurart” Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
2010    “BurqaBlues”, Portiersloge, Groningen
2009    “Papier, Pappe und Koerner” Galerie Herold, Bremen, Germany
2008    “Angst en bezwering”, Forma Aktua, Groningen
2007    “Geld Maken”, Forma Aktua, Groningen
2006    “Motherland”, Inhalexhale@Kunstvlaai6, Amsterdam
2006    “Eingang und Ausgang” Kunstonderneming Oosterkade, Groningen
2005    Galerie “Frontaal, Appingedam
2005    “Die Toteninsel” Video, Galerie Kunstfaktor, Berlin
2005    “De Punt van Reidistan”, Film OOG-TV, Groningen
2003    “De Nieuwe Soberheid”, Las Palmas, Rotterdam
2003    “Voeten in Bedrijf”, Kunstonderneming Oosterkade, Groningen
2002    Galerie “68ELF”, Cologne, “Tussenkleur/ Zwischenfarbe”
2001    “Noorderlicht” Manifestatie, Galerie “ Pictura”, Groningen
2001    “TEM Galerij”, N.H.L., Leeuwarden
2000    Galerie “Kunstfaktor”, Berlin
2000    Galerie “Frontaal”, Appingedam
1999    Literatur Werkstatt, Pankow, Berlin
1999    Galerie “Outline”, Amsterdam
1999    Galerie “Noord”, Groningen
1998    “Davka”, Jüdisches Leben in Berlin”, Ahawa Gebouw, Berlin
1998    “Museum Modern Art”, Hünfeld, Germany
1998    “Aa Kunst 98”, Aa Kerk, Groningen
1998    Galerie “H.O.”, Berlin
1997    Galerie “Studio im Hochhaus”, Berlijn
1995    Kunstencentrum “Niggendijker”, Groningen
1995    Natuur Museum, Groningen
1994    Galerie “Vromans”, Amsterdam
1994    Galerie “Frontaal”, Appingedam
1993    Galerie “de Voorruit”, Groningen
1992    “Les 4Z’ Arts”, Lons-le-Saunier, France
1992    Galerie “de Voorruit”, Groningen
1991    “Noordkunst 91”, Int. Artfair, Zuidlaren
1991    Galerie “Markant”, Langeloo
1991    “de Krabbedans”, Centrum voor Hedendaagsche Kunst, Eindhoven
1990    Galerie “de Ruimte”, Liesbeth Lips, Amsterdam
1989    Galerie “Markant”, Langeloo (twice)
1988    “Allersmaborg”, Ezinge
1987    “Noordkunst 87”, Int. Artfair, Zuidlaren
1987    “Zwolsche Algemene”, Nieuwegein
1987    Galerie “van Hulsen”, Leeuwarden
1986    Galerie “de Sluis”, Leidschendam
1986    Galerie “Pictura”, Groningen
1984    Cultureel Centrum, Heerenveen
1982    Galerie “van Hulsen”, Leeuwarden
1980    Galerie “Het Lokaal”, Groningen
Other professional activities:

2022    Guest Lecture at the University of Groningen, RUG, "Entrepeneurship and Leadership"
2020    present:  Workshops Art for PhD researchers from the RUG, Groningen.
2019    Travel to Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan
2018    Artist Residence organised by the Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk. Seminar, lectures,            Exhibition.
2017    Lecture on visual artist Armando at the Lomonosov Moscow State University,
           Moscow, Russia
2017    Artist Residence in Pushkinskaya10, St Petersburg, Russia
2016    Travel to Belarus and Russia (St Petersburg and Moscow) 
2015    Travel to Iran
2015    Gast Curator at SMAHK, Assen under the title:  "Der Fremde in Mir"
2014    Travel to Georgia and Armenia 
2013    Travel to Romania
2013    Participation in the performance “En Verder” of Rosa Sijben and gallery MAMA,            Rotterdam
2007- 2013 Research on ornaments and styling of synagogues in the East and Middle of                    Europe, in progress.
2011    Travel to Latin America:  Colombia, Peru, Bolivia en Chile.
2009    Travel to India, research on color and culture.
2008    Production and making of the movie "Swanlake Burqa Blues"
2008    Travel to the Ukraine and Moldova incl.  Uman en Odessa
2007    Travel to the Ukraine (Lviv and western part, former Polish and Habsburg part)
2006    Travel to China/ Tibet
2005    Production and making of the movie “De Punt van Reidistan”, short movie broadcasted            on OOG-TV, Groningen
2005    Production and making of the movie "Die Toteninsel”,  artist video clip, shown in            gallery "Kunstfaktor" Berlin
2004    Travel to  Thailand Laos en Cambodia
2003-04 Installation, decor design for the theatre play “Vincent en Ik”, ZID Theater            Amsterdam (Karolina Spaic director; Sebo Bakker play; David Haneke video; Jan Fabre
2002    Guest curator for gallery 68ELF Cologne under the title :
          “Zwischenfarbe/ Tussenkleur”
2000   Travel to former Dutch New Guinea, Papua Barat / Irian
          Jaya. I lived her in my childhood time 1957-1961.
1994-2000  Berlin, living and working
1991    Guest curator  Noordkunst 91, under the title "at the boundaries of geometry
1989-1990  Participation at  “Cahier Collection” published at  Philip Elchers, Groningen
1987    Organisation of the exhibition ËL Lissitzky"at the Groninger Synagogue, together with            Henk Puts
1986    Publication of “De Drie Gratiën te Jeruzalem”  at publishing house  “Hoge Bomen            Collectie” te Haren
1986    Publication of “Verborgen Landschappen/ Gelezen Tekening” in
           corporation with Holly Moors (private publication)
1986    Contribute to the Poem cyclus  “Berlijn een Winterreis” of Remco
           Ekkers (signed edition of 100)
1983-1984      Stay in Jerusalem, study of Hebrew at an Ulpan, research of installations with            stones
1976-1988      Several travels to the Middle East: Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel,            Egypt en Morocco)
1974-1983   Regular stay in Berlin.
1977-1979   Several design commissions

Work in collections of, articles, catalogues and interviews with::

Of “Verborgen Landschappen/ Gelezen Tekening” issues are in the collection of the Groninger Museum en het van Abbe Museum.
The “Hoge Bomen Collectie” book is in the collection of museum Meermanno- Westreenianum, The Hague. Several works of art are in the collections of private collectors, governmental institutions and centers of visual art. Recently (2018)  the Marc Chagall Museum of Vitebsk, Belarus acquired work of mine. Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils has some paintings of mine in her collection.

Reviews in including:

Berliner Morgenpost,  Die Welt, Jüdisches Berlin, Journal de Jura, Vrij Nederland, Rotterdams Dagblad, , Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, Leeuwarder Courant, Winschoter Courant, Nieuw Israëlitisch Weekblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, Dagblad van het Noorden, en de UK (Universiteitskrant RUG). 


Catalog 2021 "17th International Painting Symposium" Mark Rothko Art Centre
Catalog  Marc Chagall Seminar 2017, Marc Chagall Museum, Vitebsk 
Catalog / Flyer "Der Fremde in Mir" 2015
Catalog  “Noorderlicht- A Sense of Space” (2001)
Catalog  “Davka” (1998)
Catalog  “Reduktiver Kunst der Dritten Generation” Hünfeld (1998)
Catalog  Aa Kunst (1998)
Catalog  Noordkunst (1991)
Catalog  Hoge Bomen Collectie (1987)
Catalog  Noordkunst (1987)
Catalog  Art ’86 Basel (1986)

Interviews for radio and TV:

Radio Noord (NL), Radio Multi Kulti- (D.), Radio B 1- (D.), Radio 1- (NL) T.V: RBB (D.), Radio 5 (Schuim en AS)- NL), OOGRadio, TVNoord,, SwissRadio I. Mark Rothko Art Centre.


 Rene the Rooze was born in Amsterdam 1955, but grew up in the beautiful albeit poor paradise of Dutch New Guinea. The jungle started 100 meters from his home and its colors, the heat, the indigenous people and the smells of the many tropical fruits and plants make up his earliest memories.

Then, on a cold rainy day in 1961 he arrived with his family in Rotterdam after a boat journey of over six weeks. Shortly after their arrival his mother died of cancer. Both experience that made a mark on his life.

Since, Rene de Rooze has travelled far and wide. Every travel was a search for a lost culture and lost colors and a one year stay in Jerusalem was part of that search.

In recent years Rene has started to explore the influence of his past and tries to fit elements of these early memories into his attitude towards contemporary visual art in Western Europe. He attempts to make a fresh start and to discard unnecessary baggage by forgetting what he has learned at the Academy of Arts and after.

What he learned was useful in wielding the modern visual language. However, Rene remained conscious of other elements from long ago and far away, that did not seem to fit in. By removing this excess baggage and letting go of concepts, these elements resurface.

He returns to a primitivism that has always been present in its rudimentary form as an answer to the disillusion caused by the developments of western culture, politics and economy over the past 20 years.

Letting go of concepts may seem surprising in a contemporary art scene that puts such emphasis on developing concepts. Rene is aware of this and realizes that he operated in between worlds. He uses the power of coincidence as an instrument to create spontaneous, beautiful and supposedly unattractive works. 



1984-1985  Art History at the RUG. te Groningen
1980-1982  CPDB curriculum at ABK Minerva. (teachers license)
1975-1980  ABK Minerva,  Groningen (Art Academy Minerva)
1967-1973  HBS-b at the Rijnlands Lyceum te Oegstgeest

René de Rooze lived in: 

Manokwari (Dutch New Guinea)

Relevant work experience:

Education/ Workshops

2013- present  Workshops at the het AZC te Drachten for the foundation "De Vrolijkheid"
2012- present  Workshops Visual Arts at  Naschoolse Activiteiten, IVAK, Delfzijl
2008- 2012      Workshops Visual Arts  at Naschoolse Activiteiten, Vensterscholen   
2007- 2010     Guest Seminars at  ABK Minerva, post-academic work field preparation
1992- present Teacher Visual Arts at the foundation Buitenkunst, summer-workshops
in Drenthe and Randmeer (Children-groups 6-11 year, Teens 12-15
year, Adults). Collaboration with workshops disciplines dance, music en theatre.
2001-2004      Teacher Audio Visual at the  Noorder Poort College (MBO Welzijn)
1994-2000      Teacher Visual Arts at  VHS (Volks Hoche Schule) Steglitz,
Hoehenschoenhausen en Weissensee te Berlin, Germany (workshops)
1989-1994      Teacher Visual Arts at the  Meenschaar te Bedum
1982-1994      Teacher Visual Arts at  Amateur Arts Centre  Karwei/ Meldij in

Managerial and coordinator activity's:

2006- 2015     Chairman HVK, cooperating in the policy of creating artist studios in Groningen member of the contact group. (OCSW, ROEZ, Carex, LOA, Woningbouwverenigingen Groningen, Wethouder van Cultuur)
2009-2010       Member of the board of the counsel for work and participation at the the foundation  “Weerwerk”, from the municipality Groningen.
2002              Curator for Gallery Elf68 Cologne under the title  “Zwischenfarbe”
Video- Installation  en Theater
1991-1993      Secretary of  HVK, Groningen,  Organization for Arts studio's in Groningen
1991              Curator for the Art-show  "Noordkunst 91". Zuidlaten, NL
1989-1990      Member of the board of Centre of Amateur Art / Meldij Karwei, Drachten, NL
1986              Initiator of the exhibition  “El Lissiztky” in the  Groninger Synagogue.
Lissizky's works of the collection of the "van Abbe Museum" and "Stedelijk Museum" in loan.

co-productions :

2017    Community Art Project with ART4City" ArtePunctura", St Petersburg, Russia
2003    co-production with ”Sanders Geluk”, “De nieuwe Soberheid”  (New Frugality) production: in Las Palmas, Rotterdam
2003    ZID Theater Amsterdam: “Vincent en Ik”: Stage design. 
2002    co-production with theatre director  Fransje Kraay: “Kwetsbaar”, Buitenkunst
2000    co-production with theatre director  Marieke Küttschreuter. “Zij gaan”,
1996    Simultaneous translator in Neu Koln exchange program teens of Germany and Israel (German Hebrew) Berlin .